Youth Programs

Education is one of the key pillars of Stonehammer Geopark. We strive to offer a variety of programming for all ages that links to our geological heritage to the natural, cultural and intangible heritage of our region.

Geoheritage Virtual Presentation

30 min – Grades 2-8

Celebrate 1 billion years of earth history and 13,000 years of human heritage with Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark! This virtual tour of the Geopark will explore our shared heritage and help students to discover how they can enjoy and protect it into the future.

Tucker Park Field Trip

2 hours – Grades 2-6

Students will enjoy time in the great outdoors while exploring the geology, nature, and history of Tucker Park. Students will have the opportunity to examine local geology up close and witness the lasting impact of glaciers on the landscape. Nearby Brothers Islands (the only reserve land in southern NB) also provide an interesting backdrop to discuss indigenous cultures and traditional land use.

Reversing Falls Field Trip

2 hours – Grades 7-12

Students will explore plate tectonics theory in order to discover how rocks from South America and Africa ended up next to each other here. This storied location also serves as an excellent setting to discuss the cultural history of the region, from early indigenous legends detailing its formation, to stories of sea monsters and shipwrecks up to the modern day.

Rocks & Minerals Classroom Visit

2 hours – Grades 3-6

This hands-on program will allow students to discover the three main types of rocks, how they form, how they are classified, and the minerals compose them. Get ready to make a mess and have a blast with the engaging activities that this visit includes.